Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wrestling Thoughts to feast on

So I'm back for my second blog here, thanks to all that read the first, and I hope ya enjoyed it! So this week I sat back into my chair to watch all that's going down in pro wrestling, well, televised wrestling, not the universal package!!! After a hard week there's nothing better than watching Raw. Either it sucks and you can have a laugh at it, or it's good and you enjoy it. This week's Raw was the best for yonks in my opinion. I will even go as far as to say, the entire WWE product is looking great at the moment, for all three brands, so let's have a look at them shall we?


I think it was mainly the addition of Chris Jericho, one of my favourite wrestlers, hell, one of my favourite people, of all time! I mean, just look at this guy. He IS money, he just IS a star, those are the best kind of wrestlers, one you can see just have IT. Jericho lit up the place on Raw, which has'nt had a superstar prescence like that since the return of Triple H, which I personally think has been handled terribely. I mean, Triple H just "came back", I mean he should have been booked as a title contender, and won the belt. I know what people say about him, but WWE really truly needed a guy like him when he returned. Maybe he wasn't in Vince's ear enough,eh?

Chris Jericho really is the ideal man for the job to improve monday nights. He had this cracking altercation with Santino Marella, one of the best heels, but one of the worst workers on Raw, and it just reminded me of the good ol' days, and that's a good thing. The match was just decent, but seeing Y2J back in the ring was just awesome. however, I was very dissapointed to not see The Walls Of Jericho, his new finisher isn't a patch on that, but I guess we'll see how it goes. He was'nt showing ring rust, which is good, and Marella was truly a joy in this whole segment/match, he did his job as the snotty heel as good as ever. Well done,WWE. I only hope they can capitlise on Marella's connection with the audience and give him his own talk show skit in the vein of MVP's lounge or Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel.


The rest of Raw also saw the return of Ric Flair, who looked like a fucking bingo player at the age of 80, and I was looking forward to hearing him say, I'm gonna be a manager, or i'm gonna be a GM, or whatever, just STAY OUT OF THE FUCKING RING! But no, he will NEVER retire, he says. Man that pained me to hear, and I'm sure it pained everyone else deep down too, even Flair! Vince Mcmahon comes in and says Flair's career will be over if he loses, okay, it is intriugining, let's see what happens. But why does Vince have the power to end Ric's career, surely he could wrestle somewhere else, plus, shouldn't Vince in the story be the one credited for signing back Flair?

So Raw has genuinely been lit up by the feud between Orton and Y2J, the stuff between Vince and Ric, but the real problem is still the in-ring action, which just fucking suffers whenever it isn't a prominent match. Plus the belts in WWE really boggle your mind, they mean less than an extra in shark attack 3. But I will give WWE credit, a week of fairly good shows, as ECW followed Raw with a solid showing, even from Big Daddy V and Kane.

ECW - A step in the right direction

I have realised something about Big Daddy V, he is the "most dominant force in WWE", but, yet, imagine asking him to do a sit up!!! He couldn't could he, ho ho, a very dominant figure, but he can't move! Also on ECW, Shelton Benjamin continued his push with a good match against Shannon Moore, Shelton really did show his skills off here, he really is a great talent, and in my opinion has a bright future in ECW. The one problem I see is his look. Although I enjoyed his in-ring promo, he didn't stutter or fuck it up, it's just his look. He just wore his tights. He needs a dynamic new attire and t shirts and stuff, WWE need to market him, he is star material, trust me guys.

We also had a pretty good match between Jesse and Festus and Morrison and Miz, who are becoming a darn good heel team. So there were lots of positives coming out of this ECW, but where oh where was CM Punk. That is a crime against wrestling, on every single wrestling show, you need to have your brands champion on the show. How weak does that make Punker and the show look. That spoiled an otherwise good show for me. The effort was there in the ring, but ECW always suffers from very amateur, heat style booking, it's just a selection of matches with video packages, work on that and they would have won half the battle.
The recent developments on Smackdown have been interesting, although I am not a huge fan of Edge and Vickie, at least the fans have a big angle and a big fued to care about, plus the return of Edge, thngs have suddenly become a little more watchable on the blue brand, I mean Edge Vs Batista Vs Undertaker fued can't be bad, can it? And yes, MVP continues to shine, he put on a hell of a match last week with Rey Mysterio, MVP truly is a standout on Smackdown, with maybe the best future in the entire company. Keep in mind Mr Keneddy would have had this star power, had they not sent him to the overloaded Raw where he has no room to shine and Hunter is always around the corner.
Edge has been very watchable since his return, and I do see this thing with Vickie going somewhere, hopefully not down the altar! Big Dave and Taker are gunning for Edge, it's really good fun to watch. Just sort out the tag division, Miz and Morrison is a good thing, but we need real teams, not just guys thrown together. I miss the days of Lose Guerreros and Haas and Benjamin. Myabe they should move the doomed Haas to Smackdown and stick him with someone, and book them as a true threat to the tag scene.


As for TNA, hell I just can't stand all the internet smart asses who have turned on this company. Sure, TNA has a while to go before its booking is great, and they are not achieving much, but come on, the company is not THAT bad. I am a TNA fan, and at times I have been frustrated with Vince "WCW killer" Russo's bonehead booking, but most of the time, I can enjoy the show. It has the best roster in the world, and it just kills me when people say TNA "doesn't have good matches" or "Doesn't have good PPVs", that is just pure BS to me, and I won't accept it. I stand by TNA because I believe in them, I believe one day they will iron out thier flaws. Hell, I'm a WWE fan too, and I see a flawed show there, but I don't turn my back, and I'll do the same for TNA. Personally, I believe after the first 2 Hr iMPACT, which was a fucking insult, granted, I think they have been on the right track, the flaws are being ironed out slowly, surely you guys prefer this to the overbooked 1 Hr show. Think of WWE and ROH, if they had dodgy booking, which they do, do you turn on them? no, well don't do the same with TNA. Genesis was a fucking good show, as was Bound For Glory, give them time, I think it's just around the corner for TNA.

Okay that's all for now folks, feel free to comment, and peace out...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

ECW - The Weekly Dose Of Extreme

This is all about me showing my love for wrestling and whatever shit else I wanna say. So If you like wrestling, let's talk! So all the guys out there in computer land, hows it going! Okay guys, welcome to my first post!

This post exists purely and simply for me to air my thoughts on the ECW show, with a report, I had a soft spot for this brand in 2006, 2007 rolls around and I just feel its a mesh of strange ideas, good ideas and bad matches, I just feel there is something, it is just an issue of finding out what it could be. I guess the young guys the show is pushing is a great thing. By introducing CM Punk, John Morrison (Does anyone else thing his promos are very Raven-esque), who had some good battles over the ECW Title, The Miz (Who I actually care about, and that is definetly an achievment for ECW), Elijah Burke, and now Shelton Benjamin, but the quality stopes there. Merged in between the John Morrisons/Punks/Miz's, we see worthless guys like Big Daddy V getting the real big pushes, a uselss Kevin Thorn getting his umpteemph push which will fail, and the complete bullshit use of the extreme divas, and I'm left lost in the maze of this show, which I truly do fucking believe, has potential.

ECW is dead, the new ECW is not. If WWE could capitalise on the young athletets, and just, well, mark out a fucking identity for this show, it will be on the right track. And why the fuck are balls and Tommy Dreamer not allowed to capitlise on thier hardcore skills, wouldn't a fucking "extreme" match be a good thing once every week or so. These guys are directionless, and never win matches, partly due to not finding a niche in the new ECW with thier weapon trolley missing. Okay, so each week, we'll try and find some fucking sense, and see what happens.
ECW on Sci-Fi Report 11.20.07
CM Punk Vs Kenny Dykstra

The show opens up with a contest between CM Punk and Kenny Dykstra, this Smackdown/ECW talent thing just baffles me. They might as well run a crawl along the bottom of the screen which reads "THESE TWO SHOWS ARE FUCKED", and why the hell are The Miz and John Morrison, which granted, is an entertaining team, WWE Tag Team Champions, I mean, surely this would mean more if the ECW grapplers actually had a tag team title to compete for, the rumours of this belt being introduced are gone, but one day, here's hoping. So, back to the match, surely your ECW Champ should have like, at least a promo, but no, here he is aimlessly pinning Kenny. Oh well, at least he's winning. This was actaully a rather decent match, Kenny Dykstra is a very underrated worker, and a very underutilised one also, whose career looked promising until he ran into Triple H.

Kenny is quite good in the ring, considering his age, he could make a good addition to the actual ECW roster, if they slapped a fucking identity on him and let him run with the ball. Punk did the usual moveset he always does, but this match had quite a nice pace once Punk got it going, Kenny was too busy waisting his time with rest holds. Punk's offence, although watered down, is still a joy to watch, and it led to a good chemistry with Dykstra, who could have done better, but this was indeed a decent match to open things ip in "The Land of extreme", (s******, had to get that in).

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee

Next up, oh christ this announce team is getting worse by the week. At least they praise the product, but they're just not suited to what they are being aked to do. I mean, when was the last time Joey said "OH MY GOD!", that's his forte, and he could carry Tazz along, but no, now they are just typical WWE announcers, ECW truly doesn't have a uniqueness, it is lost in the shuffle, but the potential is indeed trying to break free.

We get footage from last week with Matt Striker getting his ass handed to him by Kane after talking up Big Daddy V. We head to a commercial. (Good feud this, eh? SHUDDER)

Ain't No Stopping him ... now?

Oh yes, this next bit is good. Elijah Burke introduces us to a guy who will surely benefit from being in ECW, the fabulous Shelton Benjamin. One small gripe, how the fuck did the bleach blonde dude get out of his contract on Raw? Alright Vince, I want out. Sure Shelt, here's my blessing. I mean, a bit more effort, please?

Shelton Benjamin arrives in ECW

I definetly see Shelton worthy of a world title oppurtunity, but I think he suffers from the same trouble as Kenny Dykstra, no real gimmick or personality, but it is inside waiting to break free. By the way, what in god's name is Charlie Haa's future now, oh man things look bad for the Haas family this Christmas. Okay, so Shelton faces, mr never win Tommy Dreamer, I mean come on, at leats give the guy a chance, he still performs admirably in the ring, he deserves a weapons match to play with once in a while, he shouldn't be coming out dressed as fucking Paul E on Halloween, ...jesus.

Shelton Benjamin Vs Tommy Dreamer

Shelton performs well here, Tazz is putting his life on praising him. It works though, I enjoy Tazz's praise, it felt like Shelton really was a very promising young athlete, fresh off a nine month IC Title reign, but then I remembered the year or so he spent treading water in the Raw undercard. Jesus, they have a job in building him back up. Shelton with a very nice backbreaker counter here, you know, the one where he drops back his opponent on the knee. Very nice, bdw, have you ever wondered what would happen if wrestling was real, ho ho, I like to entertain myself doing this. Anyway, Dreamer gets some brief advantage, nothign to write home about, and Shelton finishes him off with an innovatibe bulldog/DDT, you make the choice. I was fairly dissapointed here, I wanted to see Shelton leap to the top, or dive to the outside, I mean, ECW could be the show where they let the fucking guys go full out, why not? But another okay match here, let's see where Shelton goes in ECW...

Kelly and Layla, good christ!

why the hell are they devoting time to a feud between flipping Kelly and Layla. Here is a good question for you guys. What the hell happened to the story between Miz, Balls and Kelly, which I personally liked. Dind't Balls and Kelly get together, or do we forget that now? Poor Balls, he could have got his leg over. And what the hell happened to Miz owning Kelly's contract, or come to think of it, where are Miz's ladies. This is lazy storytelling which WWE should be ashamed of, they just blew off an otherwise okay angle. Right so, Kelly and Layla and feuding, big whoop. I bet Vince Mcmahon still wants to know where the fuck his 250 grand is he wasted on Layla. Gees...

Deuce and Domino Vs Jesse and Festus

Next up we get a poor match between Deuce and fucking Domino, a tag team so pathetically unover, they might as well run a crawl along the bottom of the screen which reads "PLEASE SUPPORT THEM, THEY'RE OUR ONLY HOPE". I mean, this is all WWE has for a tag division, these two trainees and two fucking hillbillies? I bet Jimmy Snuka is very proud of his son. Anyway, they have all this talent at thier disposal, so why is it so hard to chuck out a decent tag team. Holy Christ! Okay, this match is fucking shit, I am changing my "poor", to "shit".:no: Let me tell you a true story.

A friend and I were once sitting down watching Smackdown, and we witnessed Deuce do a scoopslam, no problems yet, they we saw him do another, then another, then he tagged in Domino, and he did two more, or was it three? There is something very wrong here. Festus and Jesse are interesting, I suppose, and Festus isn't as bad as I thought, at least he has some explosiveness about his style. Jesse is actually quite athletic, and thier tag finisher, which see Festus elevate Jesse from the top rope crashing onto the opponent is a fairly good move, which they used here to win an otherwise crappy match. Oh yeah, the only thing that made this entertaining was the Miz and John Morrison on the announce desk, they were very funny, they have chemistry and ring talent, maybe there's hope for the tag division yet.


Before we head to a break, Matt Stryker does a promo on behalf of Big Daddy V, who jsut stands there being obese. Stryker is good on the mic, he does an okay job of putting Big V over, but fuck me, Big V is BIIIIIIG! Say no to twinkies, kids. And look, Big Daddy V knows how to say his name

Kevin Thorn Vs Nunzio

The next match is Kevin Thorn facing Nunzio. Okay then, Nunzio means nothing, so why not allow the ECW Originals to bridge the gap between the old and new ECW, don't be afraid to get extreme once in a while Vince, you do it enough on Raw. Kevin Thorn has a new look, but to be honest, it is pretty rubbish, he looks a developmental wrestler on heat. Is he still a Vampire, or is he a new character:confused: , there was no explanation, and I thought TNA was critisced for new unidentifiable charcaters, fuck me!:( Thorn is decent enough, but he doesn;t debut anything new, maybe he's working on it, his finisher The Original Sin is pretty cool, please ECW creative team, make Thorn a star, you did it with The Miz, do it with Thorn. Make me care! So Thorn won, big whoop. Who will he job next week, it's so fucking predictable!

Food Fight?

This next bit was good fun, but for the wrong reasons. I thought when you were in a foodfight you want to dodge the food, not allow your opponent to tip it on you. But that's what happened here in a foodfight between Layla and Kelly. They allowed each other to tip food on each other until they decided to fight near the end. Not much to say really, this feud really is the pits. Where the hell is Balls, is he with Kelly or what? And where's Miz, doesn't he won these gals, what happened to pissing off Kelly, Miz?

Kane Vs Big Daddy V and Matt Stryker

The main event is a better match than I thought. I know what WWE is trying to do here, they're trying to have two larger than life badasses duking it out, just like with Taker and Khali, Khali and Kane, Henry and Taker, but it's just happened two many times. Once in a while, this feud can be good, the match quality will suffer, but once in a while we get to see two huge dudes duke it out. It can work. Please reduce the amount of big guys WWE, they will mean so much more in reduced packages. I mean, one minute Khali is called "The most dominant force in WWE", then two weeks later Big Daddy V is, give me strength. Kane won the match, and then Vis with the beat down. Okay well done, but will we see this again next week, this fued could be good, but it probably won't be. In fact, knowing ECW, it will probably never be continued. Wouldn't these guys do okay in an extreme rules match with each other, that would surely be far more entertaining, please put your thinking cap on once in a while Vince.

Okay guys, I'm done. All in all, an Okay show, just the same mesh of good, bad and strange. I will rate this a 2.5/5, one of the best of recent weeks, but that's not saying much, as recent weeks have just been worse. I hope you guys enjoyed this and will welcome this new blog, please leave comments and even whack me a message if you want to, you little devils. My email is on my profile. Till next week, have a good one..